Cross-Canada Tour

Over the past six weeks, I've had the incredible opportunity to go on a whirlwind, cross-country tour of Canada for work. The vast size of Canada really hit home for me, crossing several time zones and experiencing many different landscapes and climates. This trip has shown me my home country in all its beauty and there have been many times where I have wondered why I haven't visited before! I think part of the reason that everyone can relate to is that when you live somewhere, you don't think to explore it the way you do other countries, nor does it seem as exciting. My recent travels and living abroad have helped me see Canada with new eyes and I'm really trying to be a traveller in my own country now.

Below are some snaps from my trip that I've posted to Instagram, moving from Western Canada (Victoria, BC) through to the Rockies (Calgary, Banff, and Edmonton), the Prairies (Winnipeg and Shilo), the Great Lakes (Toronto), Quebec (Quebec City), and the East Coast (Halifax). 

I'd love to know: what are some of your favourite Canadian destinations to visit?