Hero Product Alert!

When I was in Paris this past spring, I made my mandatory visit to one of my favourite places - City Pharma in Saint-Germain - a mecca for any beauty product lover. 

One of the new products I picked up was La Roche-Posay's  Antihelios Smoothing Optical BLUR. This has quickly become a new favourite. This amazing product has a high SPF (50), which is essential in keeping your skin healthy and free from harm, premature aging, skin cancer risks and burns, but also acts like a BB cream. Because, who really wants to wear makeup on a hot beach or while exploring a city in blazing sunlight? This cream does the trick.It really does create a smooth, matte blur effect and is gentle on skin. You just need a little dollop to start with (don't squeeze out too much at first because a little goes a long way and you can always layer). Warm it up between your hands to make it even creamier and easier to spread before smoothing on your face and neck. It's incredible to see how smooth it makes your complexion and how light it feels on. A warning though - wash your hands well after applying because it will sink into your hands and can stain your clothes or towels otherwise. 

Check out this unique product in your local Shoppers Drug Mart / Rexall / PharmaPlus / favourite drugstore or chemist. You won't regret it!

Recent Travels to Croatia

Was it all just a dream? That's what I'm asking myself today as I ease myself back into everyday routine after returning back from a wonderful holiday spent in Berlin and Dubrovnik. 

This was the first time I have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with it. It is such a special place and the beautiful surroundings, food, culture, and people took my breath away. It was one of those holidays that makes you forget about everything in your everyday life and inspires creativity, introspection and new perspectives on life. In effect, a bit life-changing and I cannot wait to go back again soon! I promise to post photos and my story soon, but I wanted to give a glimpse of some of the beauty I experienced from my recent Instagram posts that I took along the way (find me on Instagram at @woman.meets.world). 

xo Rheanne