Postcards from Paris: Jardin des Plantes

When I travelled to Paris last month, I was on a cherry blossom hunting mission to find the most beautiful blooms around. Well, the most perfect, fluffy, pink and white dreamy blossoms were to be found at the lovely Jardin des Plantes! I went early on Sunday morning to try and avoid everyone else with the same idea and lucked out. I was there before it was too crowded and was able to spend a couple of hours wandering around this beautiful garden and take in all of the beauty around me (and photograph it, of course!). What added to the magic of the day was the brilliant blue sky and warm spring temperatures...I kept trying to be as present as possible and visualize the moment - the view, the beauty, the colours, the scents, and the warmth on my face when I closed my eyes up to the sky (needing quite a lot of vitamin D after an exceptionally cold Canadian winter!). 

Below is a photo essay of some of the beautiful blooms I came across in the Jardin des Plantes and hope you enjoy! I have a slight obsession with cherry blossoms and can't wait to explore somewhere new next spring to experience them (like Japan, which is high on my travel list!!). 

Where are some of your favourite places to see the cherry blossoms come to life?

xo Rheanne